All Brand Cctv Service

Techcity has a huge selection of high-quality CCTV cameras for businesses and homes that fit your needs if you're looking for the best CCTV camera service for your home or business.

It includes cameras that produce high resolution and high-quality images, including office security cameras, WiFi cameras, color night vision cameras, CCTV cameras for offices with mobile connectivity, analog HD cameras, PTZ cameras, IP camera systems, and network cameras, among others.

DVR, NVR, and a range of additional storage choices are available. Aside from the aforementioned alternatives. It shows a variety of security accessories, including Video Baluns, PoE Switches, Cables, and other networking accessories, that are needed to complete a project. Techcity offers high-quality DVRs and NVRs, such as the FALCON and IBIS series. On the same dashboard, you may choose from a broad variety of products. Long-term use, durability, reliability, and functionality are all attributes of surveillance cameras. Techcity offers a variety of Wireless CCTV NVR kits to meet the industry's needs. It has an 8-channel DVR that can support up to 8 cameras. As well as in the dark, 720p HD video cameras capture high-quality footage.